Package com.ngs.image.source

Class Summary
CompositeSource A CompositeSource allows for layering of discrete ImageSources into a single aggregate ImageSource.
DefaultThumbnailSource Implements a default method of behavior for ImageSources to generate Thumbnails.
ImageIOSource This source uses ImageIO to load Images.
JAIImageSource An ImageSource that reads images using the JAI libraries from SeekableStream objects.
JAIImageSource.ImagePage Internal class that represents a single images in a multi-image document.
JAITiffImageSource An ImageSource that reads TIFF images from File or SeekableStreams using JAI.
JAITiffTranslucentSource An ImageSource that reads TIFF images, uses an IndexedColorModel with valid values for Black and White, where White pixels are TRANSPARENT.
PagelessImageIOSource This Pageless source uses ImageIO to load Images.
PagelessSource A PagelessSource is an ImageSource that "fakes" having more than one page.
ScalingCompositeSource This subclass of CompositeSource will scale all source layers to the exact dimensions of the destination layer.